Echo 75XF Transmitter

This 19″ long transmitter has 16 different frequencies from Sub-kHz .325 up to 41 kHz. With three different power levels, this transmitter can run up to 100 hours on a single charge. In other words, this might be the only transmitter you’ll ever need for any job; from drilling across 10-lane highways to drilling under heavy rebar and wire mesh, the Echo 75XF will do it all. 1.25” X 19” (3.2 cm x 48 cm)

Starting at



System Frequency

16 Frequencies, .325kHz – 41kHz

Battery Type

21700 x 2 Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 261020 x 2 Lithium Battery (SuperCell)

Battery Life

26650 x2: 100 Hours – Low Power Mode, 26650 x2: 11 Hours – High Power Mode, 26650 x2: 60 Hours – Medium Power Mode

Depth & Data Range

114 ft (35m) – Low Power, 180 ft (55m) – Medium Power, 278 ft (85m) – High Power

Pairing Transmitter to Receiver

Pairing your Echo Transmitter to UMAG Locator

Tracking on the Fly

Learn how Tracking on the Fly and Bore To can improve your drilling operation.









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