Mag 9

Mag 9

Unmatched Power. Unprecedented Performance.

Our Mag 9 receiver delivers a giant step forward for walkover HDD locating solutions. The latest edition of our Mag Series offers the industry’s best depth and range, along with exceptional precision and accuracy. Combining our innovative engineering capabilities and user-driven design approach, the Mag 9 offers unmatched power and unprecedented performance…and it’s priced below competitors’ products with far fewer capabilities. View our other Mag Receivers, 5s and 3s. View Specifications Sheet

Complete system with display and Echo 50XF Transmitter | Starting at $19,000


Core Features

  • Standard pairing with the Echo 50XF transmitter provides 16 frequency options — from .325 kHz all the way up to 41kHz.
    ◦ The sub kHz frequencies all but eliminate rebar and wire mesh interference up to 30-foot depth, and higher frequency options provide exceptional performance for projects requiring depth and distance ranges up to 150 feet.
    ◦ Coupled with the Echo 110 transmitter to experience true depth up to 200 feet and data range up to 360 feet.
  • High-precision and high anti-interference Faraday shield 3D duel antennae structure create better accuracy and reliability.
  • Four radio channels deliver a telemetry range is up to 1,800 feet with our standard antenna technology, or up to 3,000 feet with an extended range antennae.
  • Built-in data-logging capabilities enable users to automatically monitor and record bore data and profiles — allowing conditions to be measured, documented, analyzed and validated.
  • The 7” color LCD monitor is easy-to-read in all conditions and touch-screen technology places the industry’s easiest user interface at your fingertips.
  • A rechargeable 12.5V Lithium battery delivers up to 50 hours of use before a recharge is needed.
Mag 9 HDD Locating System Underground Magnetics