Echo Series Transmitters

Our Echo series transmitters offer a standard depth range of over 100 feet, and extended range up to 360 feet.

Mag 9 HDD Locator

Unmatched power and performance.

Trade-in and Trade Up!

Get the New Mag 9 System with 2 Echo 50XF transmitters for as low as $420/month.


Trade in your old locator for the Mag 9 System.

Mag 9 HDD Locating System

Unmatched Power and Performance

Echo 50XF

Your go-to transmitter for 90% of jobs!









Leading HDD Locating System Solutions

Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

In today’s HDD environment, power, precision, and finesse are essential for success. Underground Magnetics offers the fastest and most accurate HDD locating systems on the market today.

Mag 9 HDD Locating System

Unmatched Power.
Unprecedented Performance.

The latest edition of our Mag Series receivers, the Mag 9 combines unmatched power with exceptional precision and accuracy, at an unbelievable price.

Echo 50XF Transmitter

From Rails to Rebar

  • Two power levels and 16 frequencies
  • High-power mode for highway and river crossings
  • Sub kHz frequencies to locate through active and passive interference

Mobile Bore Recording App

Incredible Automation and Connectivity

  • Easily access your Mag locator through Android™ Bluetooth connection
  • View bore data in real time from any remote location
  • Generate and share PDF report from your device anywhere
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Data Logging Simplified​!

Mag 9 Digital Integration of Project Information

  • Automated data logging information is integrated into the Mag 9 display
  • Eliminates the need to deploy a separate Android™ device
  • Simple and streamlined data log sync accessible onsite and from anywhere